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About MyRental

Founded in July 2006, MyRental specializes in For Rent By Owner vacation rentals, homes, condos, cabins, villas, and apartments. MyRental is located in San Francisco, California. If you need to contact us, please use the Contact Us link.

Built by an owner, MyRental is dedicated to vacation rental owners. If you are a vacation rental owner, then there is a better than fair chance that you are frustrated with the avaricious management companies and the outrageous fees they charge to manage your rental property, sometimes as high as 50% of the gross! Vacation rentals have changed forever. The Internet allows owners to advertise directly or oversee their managers. It helps guests search out just the place they want.

What is MyRental?

MyRental is an online set of robust and intuitive tools that will allow vacation rental owners to manage and market one or more properties with ease and keep 100% of the rental income.

With MyRental, you can:

* Browse thousands of rental listings by owner
* Use our advanced search tools to quickly find that perfect rental
* Book vacation rentals online using a credit card
* View the exact location of a vacation rental


* Manage your vacation rental profile 24 hours per day
* Allow guests to book online automatically if you wish
* Accept credit cards online without a costly merchant account
* Automatically redirect potential guests to your own website
* Get automatic task and booking reminders emailed to you

MyRental is building a community of vacation rental owners. The service is free for guests and owners. We always encourage our users to contact us with thoughts, suggestions, feedback or otherwise random ramblings. Make sure to check out the Forum to keep up to date on all the latest MyRental developments.

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