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• MyRental provides many of the same tools a management company would, including Profile Management, an Online Availability Calendar, Automatic Reservation Scheduling, Automatic Payment, Guest Record Keeping including contact information, Reservation History, and Income and Expense Accounting.

• We specialize in local vacation rentals.

• We work hard at promoting this site, with daily postings on Craigslist and links on Google and Yahoo.

• Access to a worldwide market of renters compared to a limited local market when advertising with local newspapers.

• Online advertising saves property owners the time and money required to advertise their property on their own.

• Renters contact you directly.

• You pay no management or referral fees and no setup fees.

• Your get your own profile link which you can use in emails or on your own website.

• Up to six photos of your property.

• Accept Credit Cards using your existing PayPal account.

• Detailed descriptions of your property.
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